May 13, 2009

when was the last time u saw fireworks?

May 4, 2009


February 15, 2009

Windows Live Writer

Dodo said my blog is so dead… so dead that i think it’s really dead. Well, so i’ve changed my playlist.. introducing Lily Allen! and am gonna post a new post!

Let me introduce Windows Live Writer, which i developed a love-hate relationship…


  1. not very hard to use.. you can type and edit and save your posts here without getting connected to the internet
  2. no worries about formatting.. the program will download the template from your blog and everything here is like ur ‘virtual blog’
  3. you can easily insert photos, links, tables… u name it, they’ve got it.. without the fuss of remembering htmls or any computer languages
  4. it’s free!!!


  1. i still have some problem with the spaces it set between lines. felt that the lines are just too far from each other when i pressed ENTER. Tried to customize it and spent a lot of time researching on how to.. but to no avail.
  2. not that one i can find now

I havent been blogging for months.. and months.. before exams, until exams, holidays, after holidays. Anyway, will try to update more often.

Anyone has any writer better than this to introduce, please drop some words. And if anyone wanna help me in time management and being not so lazy lemme know too!!

BORED n Lazy~

December 5, 2008


當 天是空的 地是乾的
我要为妳 倒進狂熱
让妳疯狂 让妳渴
让全世界 知道 妳是我的 

天氣疯了 海水滾了
所以我要 无乐不作

不要浪費 每一刻 快樂
當夢的 天行者 

November 27, 2008

Sleep and Death

To me, one of the main difference between sleep n death is that one u wake up, and the other u dont. And u cannot be asleep and dead simultaneously.

Death is like sleeping without dreaming n not waking up anymore.. to me. Both of them do share some similarities. We fall asleep n die similarly, i suppose, as in they share the common initiating processes. Closing eyes, slowly losing consciousness and then gradually, u dont even know, u fell asleep until u wake up the next morning, or forever.

I had a strange dream last night.
I dreamt that i was dead.
I was dead, but i m still walking around, people seeing me. 
The coffin was still there, but i dint dare to go see it.
I talked to everyone at home.
The mood was kinda somber.
The picture was grey.
I dont remember any colors in it.
I woke up.. confirmed i was still breathing and my heart was still beating. 
It was 2:30 am.

May those perished in the Mumbai attacks rest in peace.

September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn

It has been ‘years’ since i last updated my blog! And, I am back.. Back in moscow, back to miserable student life.

September is the month which i can lag and slack most. Having only surgery, dentistry and radiology this month, considered to be super free compared to the following months. Have been gaming a lot, sleeping a little, eating a lot, studying a little. Something's wrong...

C&C3 : Kane's Wrath ... My Game of the Month

Flight from KL to Moscow was not as bad as i expected. Qatar Airways upgraded their planes. I got free hotel with meals provided for transiting for around 13 hours! Did came out of the hotel for a while, went to the Doha City Centre shopping mall.. Desert is really hot, Doha is like an open-air oven! I wonder how ppl can survive there if there's no airconditioning. I would have melted~

DSC06407 DSC06412DSC06419-2

DSC06421(Clockwise from above) Doha International Airport; Door of Bus sending us to the hotel; Free Wifi Porivded by the Hotel; Getting Connected in the hotel room; Outer view of Mercure Grand Hotel.


 DSC06424 DSC06430 DSC06435 DSC06437

(Clockwise from topleft) Doha CBD - construction everywhere; One of the high rise buildings; Interior of City Center-Doha; City Center-Doha; Sunset; McDonald's in Shopping Center - 1QAR~RM1.





It's mid autumn festival today~ 中秋节快了!!!




ZHIHAO eevolvin~

July 27, 2008

A Week in A&E

Finally, i've finished my 4-week posting in Sarawak General Hospital. And i spent my last week there in the Accident and Emergency Department.

Before that, i went to few departments in the hospital. Got to see a lot of patients, a lot of signs and symptoms, heard a lot of complaints, scolding, crying, sobbing... DId a few resuscitation but all of them failed. Went to a few talks sponsored by pharmaceuticals, they turned out great, especially when they come with a free meal!! They are really rich companies!!

1st day in A&E, we got some introductory seminar. We were 'toured' around the department with a few medical assistant students and some offshore medic who were here for training. That took the whole morning!

fracture on the acromion of the scapula

Seen a few fracture cases. There're 2 little boys, with fracture of the forearm, and the bones are really out of shape!

I went out with the ambulance once at night to attend a road traffic accident. A drunk motorist knocked down another motorist. The drunk one was lying on the floor dozing off i think, and the other motorist was sitting on the floor moaning. Not much blood was seen. There were so many flashlights around (i suppose they were reporters) and also so many ppl around watching the 'show'. I also took out my cam and shot a few photos.. hehe

After night shift, it's supper time!

No one can really resist food here, especially after 10 months not at home, not going to coffee shops, not eating local food and drinks. Hehe..

Accident Scene 2

Accident Scene

Supper at Jln SongSupper at Jln Song          Supper at Jln Song

There is a Japanese Neurosurgeon in A&E. I dunno his name. He looks japanese, he speaks english japanesely and speaks a bit of malay too! and he's nice and friendly. ONce, there was a head trauma case that was 'helicoptered' from sibu i think. We tried sitting outside to wait for the helicopter to arrive, but then due to some technical problem, we missed that. And the helicopter arrived without us knowing. The patient was then rushed to the Red Zone, his head is really badly hurt, with black eyes, anisocoria, lotsa blood and patient unconscious. There's a huge epidural hematoma seen in the CT. This NihonJin was so excited and animated and rushed to the red zone when the patient is sent in, the first thing he did was taking out his camera and started flashing, taking photos, exclaiming that this is a good case and we must see it! Fine! really interesting one. He showed us the signs and explained the mechanisms and gave us a short lecture with lots of information, slides and photos!

Waiting in front of the helipad for the helicopter to land. Ambulance standing by. Photo taking!! The doctor holding the torch light, i assume is a malaysian, speaks fluent japanese!                                         Photo taking again

At the end of the week, i got to do cannulation of the vein, did a few ECGs, got my papers signed and stamped (that's the most important part)! Much thanks to the friendly nurses and doctors in A&E! I also got to see the record breaking Batman show. It was superb!!! really worth watching! STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! Why so serious?

                             The Dark Knight Why So Serious??

Looking forward to watching Mummy: Tomb of the  Dragon Emperor.


Happy HoLidayS!