September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn

It has been ‘years’ since i last updated my blog! And, I am back.. Back in moscow, back to miserable student life.

September is the month which i can lag and slack most. Having only surgery, dentistry and radiology this month, considered to be super free compared to the following months. Have been gaming a lot, sleeping a little, eating a lot, studying a little. Something's wrong...

C&C3 : Kane's Wrath ... My Game of the Month

Flight from KL to Moscow was not as bad as i expected. Qatar Airways upgraded their planes. I got free hotel with meals provided for transiting for around 13 hours! Did came out of the hotel for a while, went to the Doha City Centre shopping mall.. Desert is really hot, Doha is like an open-air oven! I wonder how ppl can survive there if there's no airconditioning. I would have melted~

DSC06407 DSC06412DSC06419-2

DSC06421(Clockwise from above) Doha International Airport; Door of Bus sending us to the hotel; Free Wifi Porivded by the Hotel; Getting Connected in the hotel room; Outer view of Mercure Grand Hotel.


 DSC06424 DSC06430 DSC06435 DSC06437

(Clockwise from topleft) Doha CBD - construction everywhere; One of the high rise buildings; Interior of City Center-Doha; City Center-Doha; Sunset; McDonald's in Shopping Center - 1QAR~RM1.





It's mid autumn festival today~ 中秋节快了!!!




ZHIHAO eevolvin~


aManda玲慧 said...

FINALLY~after so long missing in action haha! Happy Mooncake Festival =)

ZhiHao Chua said...

finally.. lol
u know la.. i m so lazy. lol