February 15, 2009

Windows Live Writer

Dodo said my blog is so dead… so dead that i think it’s really dead. Well, so i’ve changed my playlist.. introducing Lily Allen! and am gonna post a new post!

Let me introduce Windows Live Writer, which i developed a love-hate relationship…


  1. not very hard to use.. you can type and edit and save your posts here without getting connected to the internet
  2. no worries about formatting.. the program will download the template from your blog and everything here is like ur ‘virtual blog’
  3. you can easily insert photos, links, tables… u name it, they’ve got it.. without the fuss of remembering htmls or any computer languages
  4. it’s free!!!


  1. i still have some problem with the spaces it set between lines. felt that the lines are just too far from each other when i pressed ENTER. Tried to customize it and spent a lot of time researching on how to.. but to no avail.
  2. not that one i can find now

I havent been blogging for months.. and months.. before exams, until exams, holidays, after holidays. Anyway, will try to update more often.

Anyone has any writer better than this to introduce, please drop some words. And if anyone wanna help me in time management and being not so lazy lemme know too!!

BORED n Lazy~


Deena said...

apa tu?? WIndows live writer?? hahahaha

Deena said...

i have an idea, and that's stop facebook-ing!!!!! concentrate more on your blog!!! hahahaha:P

ZhiHao Chua said...

good idea!!
it's a software for u to write ur blog!
download it and start updating ur blog too!

aManda玲慧 said...

Is this software recommended for me haha? you finally blog something. stop being lazy, wake up from your holiday mood and get going, study hard :)

ZhiHao Chua said...

ah... for u for u.. yes!
finally.. still dunno when will be my following update, hahaha
back to holiday mood again!
tomorrow's holiday eh! LOL